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Default Re: I have seen the future....

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
I still don't understand why people are calling the destruction in Bad Company 2 "physics".
I don't understand why you wouldn't. There are plenty of good physics effects in that game.

The walls are blown apart at different angles and locations depending on where the impact is and what is shooting at them. When tanks aim at you, the walls are blown apart exactly where you're standing. And debris flies off the walls at different angles depending on where you shoot them at.

I don't know what you consider "physics," but to me that resembles it.

And have you seen the car chase in the single player campaign? When you're being chased by cars and you shoot at them, they respond realistically depending on where the impact is. If the impact is at the back wheels, for example, the back end of the car will spin out. Whereas if the impact is at the front, it will flip over, etc.

Heck, when the jeep hits a tree in that video the snow even dumps all over you.

More good car action. Look at all the snow particles that fly up every time a bullet hits the ground.

Guess everyone sees things in their own way.

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