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Default Re: How Long Until They Cannot Be Called Games?(Splinter Cell 5)

Narcissist, You need to look beyond the OLD first person shooter style. First person shooters in which you are given 8 directions move in, a first and secondary fire, a reload button, and maybe a crouch and told to go at it with have been done for over a decade now.

It looks like what the new splinter cell is doing is working off what we call a combo system. Unique special attacks that require the execution of basic attacks and then followed up.

You "think" the game will spoon feed you one guy and then require you to multi shot the next group using auto aim, but you clearly missed the labels indicating this was a tutorial level. It was designed to have you charge a combo with a hand to hand kill and then multi shot the following group.

I am just wondering if its a one trick pony, are there other specials that require a basic charge move?
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