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Default Re: Official Just Cause 2 Thread

Wysi, I usually like to play offline games when I am not near wifi, for instance when I'm at work (firewalled). Requiring net connections for single player mode is just plain bull****.

Anyways.. been at this game for 2 hours now and already I am not liking some aspects of its gameplay.

For one... there is no cover system. After playing so much GTA4, MW2, and ME2, it really sucks not being able to hug objects for cover and be able to control when I break cover with precision.

Lack of a "down the sights" view that is easy to trigger. This makes for alot of spray and pray and there isn't any big clips on the guns (this becomes an issue early in the game that I will cover below).

The above 2 issues make the shooting aspect of the game VERY "b" grade, it is pretty sad when ME2, an RPG, has a better shooting system.

So lets look at the action platform aspect of it. For the most part it is good, I can do some pretty awesome grapples and fix alot of "oops" jumps without suffering damage, something I would have expected in a game that has a pretty advanced physics engine. However grappling during fast action sequences is hit and miss. The game does not memorize red targets for any length of time so if you were targeting a helicopter or fast moving car but lose lock on it when you hit the F key, you will quickly find yourself grappling onto something else.

Now for my first big issue, the first car chase scene. It is very frustrating and I havn't been able to pass it for a whole slew of reasons. 1, your guy is a pussy and can't take damage, but there is no real way to take cover unless you jump in a vehicle, yet JC2 is the only game where you can't shoot from a vehicle! Also when I tried to jump into a vehicle, it quickly took so much damage that it blew up instantly.

2, the cross hair (including lock on indicator) is not quite parallel with the guns barrel. I was unable to shoot enemies on the left side of the cars due to the door blocking the muzzle, despite the cross hairs being firmly planted on the enemy and colored red. I could jump to the front of the car and shoot them, but with every moment I have to sing and dance to hit these guys, my health is dropping fast.

In the end I couldn't shoot my way out, I simply ran out of bullets, and if I used the grapple gun instead to conserve bullets then I ran out of time as they just shot me dead.

This combined with a very poor system of indicating if and how bad you are getting shot and the worst checkpoint reload system you could make (it totaly removes you from the game, taking you to the menu screens and thus a lengthy reload back into the game) leads to some major frustrations.

On the plus side, the game looks pretty good (esp for a 1 dvd game, citys may not quite be as detailed as gta4, but the amount of land covered makes liberty city look like a postage stamp) and the engine seems very nice. I can't really say its fast, but then this is one of the most feature ladened engines and is the first game I have ever played that has featured SSAO, GPU physics, on top of all the other slew of effects and I am pretty sure my 8800 is just showing its age. I am sure in the end, even if the game sucks, I am sure to have some fun turning on invincibility and just farking around the world in all the vehicles and stuff. Especially since there are alot of destructible objects.
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