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Default Re: internal 802.11n cards for notebooks?

Originally Posted by FastRedPonyCar View Post
To replace a laptop's internal wireless card? Show me an Atheros replacement for that.
only buy atheros if your router is based on atheros design other wise you will have bad performance. Atheros doesn't play nice with ralink or broadcom based routers.

don't lisen to LydianKnight, Intel 5300 series are fast and reliable.

in my Dell I have both Atheros 9xxx series (3 antenna) and Intel 5300 series (3 antenna) running at the same time. in over 90% of cases Intel gets better performance. Atheros only barelly matches it when there is a atheros access point.

Reason why I have both is that Intel gets better performance, and Atheros is a good packet sniffer.
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