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Originally Posted by Toss3 View Post
Read the thread on PhysX and see how important it really is. 3DVision requires a new monitor, surround three new monitors and a second card. Cuda is worthless unless you fold. All I see are marketing gimmicks. No one cares for eyefinity either. Where are the real performance numbers? You know that thing we actually buy these things for in the first place?
Why do we even let nvidia focus members post on these forums? Corporate shills are what they are. Stick to the nvidia official forums where you belong!
CUDA's foundation isn't gaming, its made for programmablity of different applications to GPU's, there is a lot more things in the world outside of gaming that need performance that a CPU, even multiple CPU's can't provide with out a huge cost to return ratio. As a side note CUDA does come in handy to port PC applications to GPU's because of its similarity in programming calls and language, and this is why physX was ported to CUDA, it gave immediate benefits, to owners of nV products. That was a better way to showcase their technology then porting over to OpenCL or direct compute since it would have been a year or so later we would have had to wait. On ATi's front its going to more then 2 years most likely.
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