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Default Re: I have seen the future....

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
1. Read thre 100s of angry posts from ATi owners that can't use PhysX and see how important it really is.

2. "we even let"? I was unaware you had any authority to speak for this forum Toss3? I thought you were just another forum member like me, what's your association with the forum that speak for it? Or are you just playing make believe mod to sound tough?

Angry that i don't have GPU PhysX support?.....On the maybe 10 games that use it?,and Nvidia bought Ageia now a little over 2 years ago,so we can't say it' been hugely popular.....Hardly.

I've seen the videos of games that actually use it and compared that to the same game(mirrors edge,batman darkham asylum),that i actually own and ran in my system,and the differences are fairly subtle to say the least,and doesn't change the overall gameplay basically.

Developers would need to get way more agressive with GPU physics in terms of actually enhancing the gameplay/interactivity of the game itself,beyond what's possible with CPU physics,and pull that off with acceptable performance using a single GPU for both physics and graphics work,then they'd have something to really boast over the competition.

The current situation is no where near that right now.
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