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Originally Posted by Vardant View Post
Since when is being an NV Focus Group member a bad thing? There were and still are great people out there, that helped the community and for that, were offered the position. If ATI or NV approached anyone in here, with similar offer, who would turn it down?

And it's not like they are hiding, not anymore that is

There's at least a dozen people, that are working for Intel or ATI/AMD and are posting things aimed to hurt the competition and you don't even know it.

Unless people, that hate PhysX just because it is owned by NV stop posting or come to senses, it's all pointless. Look at XS forums and the thread about Havok in the News section. Doing nothing is considered better than doing anything by some, just because it involves ATI...

Given what we've seen so far from GPU physics,and knowing that in all of those games where it is being used,i had task manager up an running and only see 2~3 CPU threads getting used for the most part,where the other 5 CPU threads are doing jack **** basically(i7+ hyperthreading enabled here),it would be interesting to see the same physics calculations attempted on those 5 CPU threads doing nothing,seeing if it can still handle the load,and then see which is the better solution in overall performance.

What i'm talking about is making an educated decision based on observation and pushing the limits on the hardware i already own,and not simply using a physics API that limits itself to looking for an Nvidia video card in the system,and never allowing the option for the CPU to handle the workload,even if it's a high end one that more than half it's resources aren't being used to begin with.

As it is,some users that bought those Ageia physics cards are already pretty furious that they can't use a card they paid 300$ at the time for,since the latest physX updates don't allow it to be used anymore,and it's a better physics processor than using an Nvidia GPU,since all the physics calculations are supported in actual hardware,not partially using the CPU for some of them.

Or how about Nvidia also not allowing users to have ATI cards for the graphics portion,and using an Nvidia card for the physics calculations....Nope,not allowed either,even though it was in the past,so Nvidia wants to make sure that you buy their hardware exclusively for no real reason except making more money,and shot themselves in the foot in the process,hence why there's so few games using GPU accelerated physics,even after 2 years.
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