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Default Re: internal 802.11n cards for notebooks?

I don't agree with you, Nekro. Of course Atheros cards are the best one for packet sniffing, but I'm not refering to that, my current router is a cheap comtrend one, crappiest router ever made, and my Atheros-based USB dongle catches it with full signal strength even having to travel through 4 walls of old-style brick+iron pipes, try to do the same with an Intel adapter, and you'll see my point...

About compatibility with routers? sorry but that's also wrong, very wrong... not only I can discover much more networks with the Atheros rather than with an Intel but also the signal strength is MUCH better...

Intel adapters are good to go if you don't want to complicate yourself, but if you want high reliability under any environment you deploy your machine on, go Atheros. point.
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