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Default Re: I have seen the future....

Originally Posted by Rollo View Post
1. Read thre 100s of angry posts from ATi owners that can't use PhysX and see how important it really is.

2. "we even let"? I was unaware you had any authority to speak for this forum Toss3? I thought you were just another forum member like me, what's your association with the forum that speak for it? Or are you just playing make believe mod to sound tough?
I don't mind nvidia focus members being here, but due to their obvious bias towards one company their arguments become very lopsided. jAkUp did an amazing job at marketing nvidia products without ever talking crap about ati. You however seem to have a need to talk crap about them in every post you make.
I never tried to sound like a mod nor did I ever think my comment would be thought as anyone's but my own.

Originally Posted by NoWayDude
In regards to Toss3 remarks about the Nvidia forum focus group, can I ask you, what makes some people be over zealous about ATI?
I have no idea, but I guess some people have a need to justify their purchase.

I might add that nvidia hasn't been marketing themselves very well lately and it shows.
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