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Default Re: I have seen the future....

Originally Posted by SirPauly View Post
How objective really is it to compare just a single GPU doing rendering and Physics compared to a PPU doing just Physics?
This is how nvidia markets it and the reason why they don't let ATi users run nvidia cards along with their GPU. They sell it to people who think that one GPU is enough. Nowhere does it say that "to enjoy the full benefits of PhysX nvidia recommends running a second card alongside the 400$ you just purchased" on the box. A gpu+cpu setup is always going to be a better option than just one GPU doing everything.

An Ageia PPU is about as powerful as a 9600 GT to me.
Sounds about right.

EDIT: Found a chart comparing Ageia PPU with 9600GT in Mirror's Edge:

Those cpu physx numbers look horrible.

EDIT2: They also recently released their Metro2033 PhysX benchmarks:

This is the first title to properly utilize multi-core support for PhysX! Nvidia seems to be listening to the consumers!
Would have been interesting to see how a dedicated physx card would have affected the performance.
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