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Originally Posted by Razor1 View Post

They also stated quad core systems showed similiar gains, hyperthreading doesn't give the same performance benefits as a second CPU, so the 8 threads well not that great lets say more like 5 to 6 threads total.

Look above hyperthreading is a solution that isn't ideal to the problem

A 9600gt does well against the Ageia card, and the 9600gt at launch costed more then $100 less then Ageia top end which both those are fairly competitive.

Look around there are benchmarks out there.

It takes time we will see in the future, Dx11 games there is only 2 so what, ya still buy the hardware right?

I'm talking about the physics calculations alone,not entire programs here,and i'll look to see if there's any benchmark results comparing the Ageia card versus an Nvidia GPU on physics workloads exclusively.

As for DX11 games,there's Dirt 2,aliens versus predator,battleforge,battlefield bad company 2 and a couple of others,but like i stated before,the main reason i bought them is for the triple display support in games,for where there are already close to 30 games in the supported list,it doesn't require developer support,and the cards have only been out 6 months on the market,compared to 2 years for GPU physX.

You were saying?...
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