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Originally Posted by Toss3 View Post
This is how nvidia markets it and the reason why they don't let ATi users run nvidia cards along with their GPU. They sell it to people who think that one GPU is enough. Nowhere does it say that "to enjoy the full benefits of PhysX nvidia recommends running a second card alongside the 400$ you just purchased" on the box. A gpu+cpu setup is always going to be a better option than just one GPU doing everything.
Always thought nVidia simply offered PhysX to try to differentiate themselves from their competitors and to offer value for their customers. If one doesn't like it or can't find the right balance - they can disable it. Or they can try to find the right balance if they choose to with a single GPU or invest into a PhysX discrete card. For someone like me, used my dated 8800 GT which was collecting dust as a paper weight -- reborn to offer a bit more gaming. Sure, would like to see more compelling content, GPU phyX to be ported to OpenCL, but while I wait for more maturity and idealism, can enjoy some content now while costing me nothing extra. Think it is neat to see a dated GPU be used to improve gaming - sure wish I could do that with a dated CPU.
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