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Default Re: I have seen the future....

Originally Posted by SirPauly View Post
Always thought nVidia simply offered PhysX to try to differentiate themselves from their competitors and to offer value for their customers. If one doesn't like it or can't find the right balance - they can disable it.
This is all well and fine as long as it doesn't affect owners of other brands. PhysX does; if a developer chooses to support gpu accelerated PhysX it means less effects for users not running Nvidia hardware, effects that are there in other games and don't require a dedicated physics processor. Take Mirror's Edge as an example - lots of objects are removed from the game when PhysX is turned off, like glass shards, flags, dust etc.. These effects were there in games like Red faction and Max Payne a very long time ago. So how come they suddenly became too much to handle for a CPU? Batman suffers from the same adverse effect.

Or they can try to find the right balance if they choose to with a single GPU or invest into a PhysX discrete card. For someone like me, used my dated 8800 GT which was collecting dust as a paper weight -- reborn to offer a bit more gaming. Sure, would like to see more compelling content, GPU phyX to be ported to OpenCL, but while I wait for more maturity and idealism, can enjoy some content now while costing me nothing extra. Think it is neat to see a dated GPU be used to improve gaming - sure wish I could do that with a dated CPU.
I had an 8800GTS prior to the 5850 I have now, but due to nvidia's aggressive marketing it became nothing more than a paper-weight. It's not like I'm trying to run PhysX on an ATI card - I'm trying to run it on a card that has PhysX-support written on its box! Nowhere does it say that this support is limited to you running only nvidia hardware. Retarded move on nvidia's part and only hurts the consumer as did the move to drop support for Ageia's PPUs.
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