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Default Re: I have seen the future....

Now that i looked at Toss's mirrors edge results,it just doesn't add up overall,as the Ageia card is right in the middle between the results using a 9600GT for physics,and using a 9800GT card for the same,as there's only about a 5 Fps difference for the top 3 setups for both minimum and average FPS results,so that begs at least 2 questions:

1:Why drop support for Ageia's card if it's still performing very nicely overall,with more than high enough FPS values for smooth gameplay?.

2:The amount of shaders available on a 9600GT card is 64 shaders,which is what's used to calculate the physics,while there's 128 shaders for the 9800GTX cards,so it has more floating point power available to process the physics calculations much faster,yet the overall FPS is only about 5 FPS faster than using the 9600GT card for physics,and 2 FPS faster than using the supposedly outdated Ageia physics card,in both minimum and average FPS.

And switching to higher resolutions and graphics settings only puts more pressure on the graphics portion of the overall workload,not the physics calculations,which should remain the same regardless,so in the end,did Nvidia end the Ageia's physics processor lifespan much earlier than it really had to?,at least when viewing the mirrors edge results?....Does the physics workload need to be much higher than what's used in mirrors edge,before the Ageia physics card would bog down overall performance too much and become umplayable...It looks like Nvidia terminated that products usable life span way too early from here.
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