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Default Re: I have seen the future....

Originally Posted by XMAN52373 View Post
1. Propably because they are not making Ageia based cards since they bought them and are working towards increasing the load to which PhysX is used on furture games which would render the Ageia PPU useless.

2. The 9600GT is a very very effienct deigned GPU chip. The performance in games of it is about equal to teh 8800GTS(G80 96SP) card and 2 in SLI are about equal to a GTX260, 128SP vs 192 or 216, take your pick.

Still,they're comparing it to a 9800GTX + card,which not only has 128 shaders,but they also run at a higher clock speed,so it's probably more than 2X the floating point math ability regardless.

As for the future game argument and using even heavier physics workloads which the Ageia chip couldn't handle it,i'd say show me first once those games are released and let me decide for myself thanks....
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