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Originally Posted by shadow001 View Post
I'm talking about the physics calculations alone,not entire programs here,and i'll look to see if there's any benchmark results comparing the Ageia card versus an Nvidia GPU on physics workloads exclusively.
Its not a sole problem of the application, its parallism in any instance, hyperthreading was made to curtail that issue but its not an ideal solution by any means, we have had hyperthreading since the P4 days, and any good programmer knows its better to run programs on two CPU's then use hyperthreading, its like 2 SIMD's in a GPU, actually I kinda made a mistake with GPU, it can do hundreds of threads but each SIMD work on individual tasks, so its not in the hundreds of difference its more like x5or 6 times the difference possibly, unless since unification things have change where within the same SIMD different work can be done. Thats the reason why GPU's are better for parallel tasks, they were made to handle it.

Optimally, the speed-up from parallelization would be linear—doubling the number of processing elements should halve the runtime, and doubling it a second time should again halve the runtime. However, very few parallel algorithms achieve optimal speed-up. Most of them have a near-linear speed-up for small numbers of processing elements, which flattens out into a constant value for large numbers of processing elements.

As for DX11 games,there's Dirt 2,aliens versus predator,battleforge,battlefield bad company 2 and a couple of others,but like i stated before,the main reason i bought them is for the triple display support in games,for where there are already close to 30 games in the supported list,it doesn't require developer support,and the cards have only been out 6 months on the market,compared to 2 years for GPU physX.

You were saying?...
So thats good right you had a reason to buy it, and 4 games is still less then the amount of games with PhysX. Just like nV's 3d vision, people bought thier cards for a reason.
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