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Default Re: I have seen the future....

Originally Posted by Razor1 View Post

So thats good right you had a reason to buy it, and 4 games is still less then the amount of games with PhysX. Just like nV's 3d vision, people bought thier cards for a reason.

DX11 has only been out a few months,and up until now,only 1 GPU maker had DX11 cards on the market,and DX11 is a unified standard,controled by none other than microsoft,so they have the final say if you want to play games on the windows platform,not anyone else.

Unified standards always get more support and a faster rate of adoption than proprietary standards ever will basically,no matter how much Nvidia complains about it,since it doesn't make their hardware any more special than that of competitors in the end,and they don't like that,if nothing else from a marketing standpoint.

It's also why ATI decided to support Eyefinity,since it has nothing to do with direct X,and doesn't even require any special attention from developers at all,both in current games already released,or any future game releases either,so it bypasses all the issues that Nvidia is facing by trying to push PhysX as much as it can,and enhances overall gameplay,like the examples i mentioned with battlefield bad company 2 and making me a better player...
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