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Default Re: 195.36.08: Freeze on starting xorg with 8500GT


First of all get rid of useless options form xorg.conf. Try with a fresh config file without nvagp and so on, most of those are set properly by default. Try to check without all the twinview options etc. and hash out extensions section to enable composite by default.Second of all if you're using xorg>1.6 , just downgrade to anything <1.7 and use 180.60 driver with a patch that can be obtained on these forums and try again. The log is just useless because it's hanging and there is no information why, the last thing that's in the log is that the file is not readable. That's not your fault it's the devlopers fault for not introducing a proper debug for the driver. And don't expect any useful replies from developers also, believe me I've tried for over 2 years with a similar issue (win driver works, linux driver works only until 180.60 and xorg 1.6, maybe 1.7.1 but not 1.7.4 because of missing resvgashared, doesn't with anything higer than 185.xx). They have no idea what's wrong and the only option they can offer you is to check the hardware and/or replace it.
It works for some people but not everybody and anybody who's left with this issue , he/she has it on it'w own from now on, which is funny especially when you have a high end laptop and somebody tells you to replace the card .

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