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Default Re: TV out useless after debian squeeze upgrade

I still haven't reproduced the TV-out problems.

The 185 branch does not support 1.7. I'm not aware of any plans to support 1.7 in the 185 branch, as the 195 branch supports 1.7 and supports all GPUs supported by 185.

The 71, 96, and 173 legacy branches are still maintained to provide support for older GPUs. The 173 branch *should* support GeForce 9 series, but YMMV. Since this appears to be a regression in the driver, the 173 branch should work for now until the problem with the newer drivers and TV-out can be identified.

FWIW, I'm testing with a 9300GS at the moment. It's possible that the issue might be specific to some TVs, so I'll try a few other TVs. (Have you tested any other TVs?)
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