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I read the review posted above and kept thinking, "Why is he comparing a state of the art Logitech mouse against a year old Microsoft mouse?" I mean, seriously, that ambidexturous (sp?) mouse is the one I've been using for about a year or more and he's like, "This mouse is laggy and so Microsoft mice all suck. Buy Logitech. Worship Logitech. Logitech is my god!"

Bah. You want a real review, he should be comparing the new MS mice to the new Logitech mice, not the year old MS mice to the new Logitech mice. He could at least pull out an Intellimouse 3.0 corded and test it if he wants to test real responsiveness.

And yes, I do happen to have the ambi-mouse Optical (by MS) and the Intellimouse 3.0. I was using the ambi-mouse simply because it was smaller than the ungainly Intellimouse Explorer 1.0 until at last they released the sleek and superior in every way Intellimouse 3.0.

I cannot imagine a finer mouse than the Intellimouse 3.0 and I should add that neither of mice have died yet. I suppose the only way to improve this mouse is

1) Bluetooth enabled
2) recharger stand with *good* rechargeable batteries built in
3) wireless

I've heard that Microsoft is to release a new wave of peripherals based around Bluetooth soon (if they are not out already), so that's what interests me. Logitech mice have features which depend upon software which is bloated and takes up too much memory for what little they actually do. Microsoft mice just work, even without the Intellisoftware and before you say it, yes I know MS makes the OS. Which is why I like their mice for controlling said interface.

Now as for new features, revolutionary new features, I can only think of a few, I suppose. But these aren't exactly "around the corner," as you might say. It could have motorized wheels and play games for me, while doing warcries through a small speaker built into the base. It could even self-click. That way, when I'm thirsty, it could play the games FOR me whilst I go to the store. I could get back and find that my Intellimouse Explorer 4.0 is actually a better Unreal Tourny 2003 player than me.

"BOO-YAH! Light's out!"


(To borrow a line from a recent X-Box Game)

"You want a piece of me? Here, have the whole damn pie!"

I could attach the mic input of my sound card to the mouse's output jack and let others think that my mouse is really me. You could call it, "Intellicurse 1.0." A new feature, exclusive to MS. "Intellicurse 1.0 gives you the opportunity to curse your opponents in new and interesting ways iwthout actually having to move your mouth or think. This new technology, exclusive to Microsoft Intellimouse series mice, allows you to be the awesome jibba-jabber that you've always knew you could be, but now with the awesome MS voice of your choice. The Intellicurse technology gives you three exciting voices to choose from, which more on the way. Are you the California girl slayer? "Get out of my slay-ground!" The manaical villain? "How I ache to smash you out of existence! To DRIVE your cursed face from memory forever!" Or the reluctant hero? "Good? Bad? I'm the guy with the gun." Buy a new Intellimouse Series 4.0 mouse, complete with Intellicurse 1.0 technology, today from a retailer near you. And remember... we care. Microsoft. Where do you want to frag today?"
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