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Default Re: Official Just Cause 2 Thread

I cant say I like the actual "game". I decided to pickup a trainer for inf health and blow the crap out of everything in the game. The story and how its executed through poor looking character models and the worst voice acting/script since 1999 gaming makes it forgetable, and I simply use it to get from one mission to the next, blowing everything up. The graphics are pretty amazing, the clearly defined lights from cities that are a hundred miles away is amazing. Heli's are pretty slow but they are faster then driving and can offer up some great damage of their own. Also the atmospheric conditions like the clouds are great. Theres some amazing artistry here that keeps a high level of detail going on distant objects even though you know they have been turned into really simple geometry. And at the same time picking up a land vehicle looks as good as any racing game, its to bad vehicle control realism took a back seat for the sake of keeping the action flowing.

This will be a great game to pickup for eye candy and testing your system when it hits the bargain bin, but I wouldnt pick it up at full price.
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