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Default Re: NVIDIA GF100 Previews

Originally Posted by MikeC View Post
I plan to begin comparing performance against the Radeon 5870 after I get off work tomorrow and into the weekend. I already have DX9/DX10 results against the GeForce 280 GTX and GeForce 295 GTX. The apps I will be testing are the latest Unigine benchmark, Dirt 2, Metro 2033 and Just Cause 2.

It's just my luck to have come down with the flu the day after I received the GeForce GTX 480, so I am pretty much behind in what other web sites will be offering. I was floored when I read that the Guru of 3D will have a 35-page review!

There were also a number of developments that occurred this week. Version 2.0 of the Unigine Heaven benchmark was released a few days ago and I discovered that BitSquid has released a beta of their new StoneGiant DX11 demo.

So I will be posting information from my "First Look" in a forum thread. I am also open to conduct any specialized testing that forum members may request.
Is it possible for you to look at BFBC2?

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