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Default Re: GT/GTS/GTX 4XX Mainstream

Originally Posted by DarthBeavis View Post
I am in direct contact with Nvidia on a daily basis . . . .I am in the middle of a tour as a contracted Nvidia employee Once NDA is lifted I have tons of FERMI info for you all.
For what it's worth DB, the cards are not anywhere as fast as you had been posturing

That being said, they do have good performance, especially in high-res areas in some games, while still yielding decent frame-rates.

Tessellation is an interesting story per some of the benchmarks. The AMD cards continue to be extremely competitive until max tessellation is turned on, in which case the Nvidia cards sneak ahead.

The 5970 remains the fastest card out there. The 5850 proves to be a better buy than the 470 (per H's review, it is a no contest once you factor in price/power ratio). The 480 is the intriguing prospect however

Yes, it draws a LOT of power and runs hot. But, it seems to be far enough ahead of the 5870 to be a real challenger.

The SLi power draw is ridiculous but the scaling is pretty decent.

I wonder if AMD will respond with a dual-5870 cross-fire card to counter.

Given the power-envelope, I am going to be very interested to see what Nvidia will bring to the table for a dual-chip solution. From the numbers, that card would be the top dog in the shed, given the performance of an sli'd 480 configuration.

I am still looking for a new dual 5970 v/s sli'd 480 comparo since the overall price delta isn't that huge.


I finally managed to read AT's review and it paints a different picture. Maybe the cards aren't that bad. The 480 is still the card to own between the 2. The 470, not sure what to make of it since it is more expensive than the 5850, higher thermals and sound and performance is about the same.
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