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Default Re: Your opinion on the GTX 470 & 480

The first few reviews I read basically made it seem they were nothing special.

Anandtech's review on the other hand which I finally managed to read (they have AWFUL server load issues right now), seems to put things in a different light. They appear to have the most favorable review so far. H's review, which I usually read for playability reasons, shows almost the exact POV. Hexus seems to be a little in the middle but more towards H's, except they didn't have a 470.

So all in all, the card runs the gamut from disappointing and late and hot and power hungry to, pretty good and late and hot and power hungry.

But even the latter may not be such a bad thing.

AT's power draw conclusion left me a little disappointed. Why have all the cards displayed in the list and then use the size of the PSU disclaimer just for the Nvidia cards?

I don't have a 1200W psu and I am highly unlikely to personally get a dual-card configuration, but I would have loved to see the overall scaling without the disclaimer for ALL the cards. Is Ryan saying they had a different configuration for the other cards, as in a different PSU, during testing?
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