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Default Re: Your opinion on the GTX 470 & 480


Overpriced and overheated.

Reminds me a lot of the R600 (2900XT) launch although Fermi isn't as much of a disappointment. It's a mixed bag in performance, technically inferior (no angle-independent AF) and runs hot... way hot. And it uses FAR too much power. The power consumption is down right ridiculous for the performance that you get/don't get. Seems to be very inefficient. When it loads more wattage than a 5970 does while losing most benches by 30-35% on average to it, that's not good.

I expect that die-hard Nvidia fans will probably purchase one or two, but for anyone who is bipartisan I really can't think of a reason to justify purchasing a 480 over a 5870 (or 5970) for gaming unless you're just stuck on 3D Vision or are one of the rare folks who seem to have problems with ATI drivers left and right. 5870 just seems far more refined. And it's much cheaper, to boot.

ATI won this gen, but Nvidia will be back. Fermi is a decent option for those who just want Nvidia hardware in their systems. I just hope those people know how to cool a case.

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