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Default blinking nvidia logo...

i have got troubles

i am very new to linux, so bear with me

i have followed the advice listed here thus far and i have learned a lot about linux

i am using a geforce 4 ti 4200 on an athlon 1600+ running redhat 7.1

as far as i can tell, i have installed all the necessary files correctly
and my x86config is in the right place

when i boot up into linux the Xserver gives me the nvidia logo, but i stays up for three seconds or so and then goes to black, only to give me the nvidia logo again

i am only able to use (ctrl - alt -del) at this point
when i boot up i cannot reach the prompt before i get the nvidia logo

like i said, i'm new to this, but as far as i can tell the problem is with my x86config

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