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Default Re: Your opinion on the GTX 470 & 480

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
I just love 480 SLI and its scaling! Really impressed with it and finally a worthy upgrade!

Also I'm impressed by nV's performance at brand new games like Metro and Just Cause 2 - that just shows their engagement in the industry.

I don't see why the power consumption is such a big deal. The card will be running idle most of the times anyway. And at idle, there's only a ~20W difference between the 480 and the 5870. The few hours of maxed out load won't make a huge difference on the power bill. Get a more efficient refrigerator, LCD TV or vacuum cleaner if you really care about power savings and make a difference
It's not the power bill I'd be concerned about. Heat has to go somewhere. It either festers inside your case and warms your components or it's exhausted into your gaming area while you sit there and sweat it out. And for guys like me who watercool, it's all dumped into your loop and dispersed among all your components. Every component in the case is impacted by it in some way, and in a lot of ways it negates the advantages of watercooling in the first place by heating up your entire loop.

In addition, it just represents inefficiency when there's already a competing card on the market that runs much cooler. By comparison, it's excess, unnecessary heat.

But.. that's just my position. I know that you have your reasons for going with Fermi, and I hope they're great cards for you.

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