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Default Re: Hall of Fame: Unigine Heaven Benchmark results

Originally Posted by Deanjo View Post
Something is screwed with your install. Check out my results above. Your scores are even below my 8800GT's and they are all using the 195 series drivers.

EDIT: Those results are even with compositing enabled.
Yes you are right something is really wrong here. Are your results with 4X Anti-Aliasing enabled ?
I will Benchmark again now with exactly your settings as we got very similar hardware.
It's Fedora 12 x64 here,, Xorg 1.7.6, MESA 7.7 and Nvidia 195.36.15. Window Manager was Metacity, with Compiz on its worse.


Well heres the new Benchmark similar to your settings and it looks ok now (compositing is enabled but no compiz)

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