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Default Re: Your opinion on the GTX 470 & 480

My post from another thread
Man I couldn't wait to get home today in hopes of a great read. But to me it's quite disappointing. the 480 looks great at lower resolutions compared to the 5870 but once you get to 25x16 its not much difference. not worth the trade off that's for sure.

I mean you talk about SLI scaling is great but ****...

you can get tri-fire 5870s cheaper then 480s sli and still consume less energy.

I used to not care about how much heat video cards put out until I got my 5870 and realized how much cooler my room temperature is.

I'd still like to see 5760x1080 Res Benchmarks to see which plays multi monitor gaming better.

Then ill add:

man I was wondering when the card would stop getting louder on Hards review.

It's funny when another company can boost the sales of its competitor by reviling new products.

Sad thing is ATI will have its next line of cards out 2-4 months after 480 ships any decent quantities.

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