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Default Re: Your opinion on the GTX 470 & 480

Originally Posted by Xion X2 View Post
That PCPer bench is very odd. In no instance should a 285 ever be faster than a 5870 over a full benchmark. In one case, I even saw it faster than the 480.

Something strange is going on there.

I like to see minimums as well, but something to take into account is that higher averages usually mean higher minimums, also. What you see on a bar graph for a minimum represents a single frame--not so for the average. Going by minimums only can be tricky unless viewing a line graph that shows trending, because that minimum on a bar graph could have lasted for a single frame. And it could've been a hard drive access issue or something totally unrelated to GPU performance.

Any analysis on minimums really needs to be trended by a line graph to show a repeating pattern.

A graph like this is what's needed to view minimums. Here you can clearly see the difference over a period of time between 480 SLI and 5970 on Metro when tesselation is enabled. Seems to be hitting 5970 a lot harder right now.
You beat me to it, those PCper benches are not consistent with any of the others I've read this evening.

Another interesting point is that in that video that Ywap linked (HardOCP), the 480 is hitting 95c and it's not even in a case - that's really not good.
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