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Default Re: Your opinion on the GTX 470 & 480

So having a bigger framebuffer is now dishonest, but we should all wait for 2GB HD 5870, riiiight

GTX 470 looks like a great card. I think they will eventually match HD 5870 performance with driver updates, so the only question remaining is, if it will be in time before a refresh or a price drop.

GTX 480 results are all over the place. There's just too big of a delta between the slowest and fastest results. Any review tries to explain that? I don't really care about the power consumption or the heat. 93C in load is not that far from my previous card. The only bad thing remaining is the noise and if all it takes is placing a 120mm fan on top of the card, then I see no problem.

If I had the money right now, I would buy one GTX 470 with the possibility going SLI some time in the future. But I just bought Xbox 360 and have plenty of games to go through, so I'll wait for a month or two and see, if drivers really do something.
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