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Default Are Geometry Shaders and Tessellation the same thing?

It appears to me as though they are the same thing. Maybe slightly different techniquies but the same damn thing in the end programming wise.
I was watching the Nvidia medusa demo and noticed it describes the geometry shader effect. They say, "Geometry shaders create new surface geometry on the fly to propagate the creeping stone effect." Sounds a lot like tessellation right?
Seems to me this is the exact same thing as our now so called "DX11 ONLY" tessellation. Just so everyone knows tessellation has been used on consoles already. I didn't know they had DX11 GPUs? MMMMM Maybe there is something special about those GPU cores like they aren't labeled DX this and that but they seem to run everything fine. Seems like just another BS reason to dump cash on a card. I not even going to talk about Crysis DX9 vs DX10 cuz thatís just a joke. Same thing all over again. I bet in reality (NDA) a 7900gt could do DX10 and DX11 shaders, probably not as fast but it could do it at lower setting.
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