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Default Re: Crysis Warhead Feedback Thread

I started playing this right after I finished Crysis about 2 weeks ago, but I stopped after an hour or two and went back to grinding it out in BioShock instead (which I began playing in May 2009 :P). It was just more of the same, but this time around there was less cool stuff to do. It feels like I spent 30% of the game cloaked, trying to avoid fighting the little blue alien things with my crappy weapons. You finally get a good weapon, but only at the end of the game.

I wasn't sure I was even going to be able to finish this... When I got up to the top floor of the radio tower on the airstrip and used the radio, I began free falling through the floor and died. I thought "ok, that was weird, lets just load up my last save and try that again" only to have the same thing happen again and again. Once I actually managed to free fall and land on *something* without dying, unfortunately I never hit the radio that time, so I had to try again. After about 5 minutes of being unable to reproduce that landing, I tried loading up earlier and earlier saves, only to immediately fall through the floor as soon as I reached the top of the structure using the ladder. After a few days I decided to give it one more shot from an even earlier save and I ran like hell down the stairs as soon as I hit the radio, so that if I did fall I may only take a large amount of damage rather than having it kill me. Well, I didn't fall through the floor that time and I was able to finish it. Kindof a werdo cut scene at the end there..
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