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Default Re: Man, it is sooo hot.

I would recommend a high-quality 120mm fan pointing directly at the heatpipes with the side of the case opened. I was able to lower the GPU temp by 11 Celsius under load.

I haven't tried the 480 GTX in a closed case and I believe that extraordinary measures will need to be taken to keep the GPU cool in that situation.

I would really like to see MSI offer a "Twin Frozr" model.

In this type of configuration, an EVGA GeForce 260 216 Superclocked ran at 91 C under load, while the MSI NX260GTX OC ran at 77 C - with the fan speed forced at 40%.

For those looking to purchasing a high-quality 120mm fan, you can check out this roundup at MadShrimps. They compared 35 models.

Just trying to come up with effective cooling solutions for those interested in moving to a 480 GTX...
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