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Default Re: Man, it is sooo hot.

Originally Posted by Sazar View Post
Do you see the rear of the card becoming got too? Do you think a shroud with a heat-sink extending over the back (increasing surface area) would work?

I know it would kill tri-sli or whatever, but just looking @ it from a cooling standpoint.

Also, any options of a fully unlocked 480GTX (without one module disabled)

That would be an awesome review update my good man

Hope you're feeling better and really looking forward to the next masterpiece.
LOL. I wish I were a masterpiece kind of guy, but I do appreciate the comment and I am slowy getting better

I would think that extending the heat-sink over the back would help in cooling the GPU, but I'm not sure how effective it would be.

Another thest that I conducted was to take a second 120mm fan and point it directly at the back of the graphics card. Unfortunatly, it didn't lower the GPU temp at all
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