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Default Re: Man, it is sooo hot.

Originally Posted by turdhat View Post
Hearing warnings about not touching the exposed heatpipes etc are really bugging me. This thing is bound to raise case temps by a fair amount unless you have a damn wind tunnel (which I do). I am for sure going to bag a 480 once some of the dust settles.

Glad I have my pc in the room directly behind my home theater setup. I dont have to hear it that way so I will crank that fan and have plenty of high rpm fans running in the case as well. Just ran all my cables via a small conduit I made right to my entertainment center. The only pc components that are in the room with me are the receiver for the mouse and key board and the outboard dvd drive.

Maybe we should consider a little fire safety training before we jump on these cards !
The 8800GTX has a metal bar that runs along the top of the card. If you touch that while it's under load it will burn you as well.

Oh and... TWSS...

Originally Posted by MikeC View Post
I respect people that try to come up with solutions in a challenging situation. In my opinion, more of this type of thinking is needed instead of the constant bashing that we continue to see (about the 480 GTX or any other product).

Keep us posted on what you're considering. Even if you decide to forego an upgrade, that's OK. At least you're thinking things through before admitting to defeat
To me it seems a little silly that you have to brainstorm ways to make these things work. Most people agree that are going to run too hot for them, so it just makes you wonder why Nvidia didn't put a better cooler on them in the first place.

I will say that I probably enjoy building computers as much as actually playing games on them, so it does provide an added benefit I guess. Kind of like a car guy trying to stick a V8 into a car that was only meant for a 4 banger.

My stacker would work just fine with it if I upgraded the 2 x 120mm side panel fans to some 120mm deltas.
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