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Default Re: Fermi icandy the Tri Sli way

currently have my 920 + tri-sli 285gtx's on the evga x58 w/nb block connected in series to 2 quad fesser radiators on one d5 pump and single in/out magicool reservoir. Will do the same with future tri fermi 480s. I previously had 2 seperate loops running with 2 pumps and 2 reservoirs but it was so inneficient. the cpu had too much radiator and the 3 cards had too little radiator (the one feeding the cards would get too hot especially when playing crysis + other heavy gpu games. this would also hasten coolant evaporation. connected both in series and problem solved. the cpu is a little bit warmer but didn't affect my overclocking. I also have a small vent hose connected directly from the radiators to the window to extract the hot air directly outside so my bedroom doesn't become a sauna. aint nothing like watercooling. everything stays nice and cool, little noise (if you use hq low rpm fans), and very little dust buildup in case. can't wait for the asus 27" 120hz panels to come out for some 3dvision surround!!!!!!!!!
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