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Default Re: Man, it is sooo hot.

Originally Posted by kaptkarl View Post
Trying to be optimistic here guys, but it's very hard. let's be realistic here.....paying top doller for a high performance card.....then having to leave off your case side for fear of overheating your system....or frying the card in the long run. How long can they last at those temps?? Need a lifetime warranty!! Nothing less. Also why should the end consumer have to pay for additional cooling solutions to get these cards to perform and last a reasonable amount of time??

Again not trying to be negative here guys, just realistic. I guess only time will tell if these cards can function at those high temps for extended periods. Otherwise Nvidia could have some major issues if they start failing in the future.

Thats why I would only buy Evga...with Jacob as a backup.....its starting to get hot here in CA
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