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Default Re: Man, it is sooo hot.

Originally Posted by Madpistol View Post
This is the reason I'm glad I got a 5870. I'm running FurMark right now to stress the card to the max, and it went from idle at 51C to Max at 86C. As soon as it hit 86C, the fan kicked up to about 37%, and the card gets cooled back down about 3 C. Then the fan slowed down, and the card heated back up.

FurMark is the ONLY program that I can get the fan to kick up to the point that it's audible. Even then, if I were to push the fan to 100%, the card would cool down into the low 60's C.

What Nvidia is asking the consumer to do in terms of heat dissipation is flat out ridiculous. The first person that doesn't have proper cooling in their clunker case for this card is going to fry their entire computer. This is not a good situation for Nvidia. They're so desperate to salvage some money out of this that they're putting people's computers at risk.
I have to agree with you here and I'll reiterate that the testing that tech sites are doing is not exposing the flaws in this design that many end users are going to fall victim to in the weeks to come.
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