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Default Re: Man, it is sooo hot.

Something I didn't notice until reading a review at Tom's:
Most unique, perhaps, is that the surface of the card is actually part of the heatsink, above the fin array. Normally, this would be a part of the card you could grab onto when pulling it out of a system. But when I burnt my hand on it, I thought a temperature reading would be interesting. Turns out that, during normal game play (running Crysis, not something like FurMark), the exposed metal exceeds 71 degrees C (or about 160 degrees F). This will have some ramifications for running two cards in SLI, but we’ll get into that shortly.
How's that gonna work for SLI? Thats 71 degrees against the back of the other card...? Maybe get a mobo with large spacing, or a 3-4 slot mobo and put 2 cards in it? I see now why they were talking about Fermi-certified cases a while back.
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