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Default Re: GT/GTS/GTX 4XX Mainstream

Originally Posted by shilk View Post
I don't blow huge wads of cash on videocards. It's just not my thing. I was going to opt for a 5770 because I need a card that'll last for a while. But after some consideration, I'm not willing to get an ATi card for the simple reason of not wanting to deal with something new right now. If ATi can sway me again, that decision might change, of course. I'm just more familiar with NVIDIA.

I sure as hell ain't paying $220+ for a GTX260 or anything last generation when I can get something that's worthwhile and in my budget, soon. And to think about 3 months ago, they were only going for $130. I don't know what the deal with the $100 price hike is, but it's just retarded.
It's not like anything's real different except the icon in the taskbar. You make it sound like you have to learn to use something entirely new

The cheapest I could find the 5850 for was $279.99 (current weekend offer This graphiccard would serve you MUCH better than watered down Fermi card ever have the chance of. You could try (probably for once?) what it means to game at high detail levels AND good framerate (60+ in almost all games, 40+ in BC2 maxed for example).

For someone as so apparently price-obsessed as you, you should go for price/performance ratio, not brand. ATI's got the price/performance ratio big time, and don't expect that to change with 450, plus you have to wait. I too like Nvidia, what they're doing with 3D, taking chances by betting on tesselation bigtime etc., but they're just not viable right now!

Your call.. If it was me, I'd be excited to try ATI for the first time, try something new. With ATI cards running at lowers temps than Fermi it wouldn't even be like running a risk. Nvidia does driver layout/features better, but it's nothing compared to the price/performance ratio difference

And by the way.. once Nvidia fixes/optimize fermi in the next revision or even generation, I'll be happy to jump back to Nvidia if it trumps ATI's offers
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