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Default Re: Man, it is sooo hot.

Originally Posted by Muppet View Post
I think some of you are over reacting a bit. When you compare it to the last couple of generations there isn't that much difference. Take a look at these.

It is hot, that is true and there is no denying it. But it isn't that much more than the 4870x2 and others.
I dont know man. With the info available I dont see over reaction. Nvidia says that card is good up to 105c. Benches are putting the card within 11c of this. That is a bit close and we are talking 94c outside of the case !!

Damnit, This card looks like it is just what I need in terms of features. Raw horsepower in a single card and I can mod it easily to cook my breakfast !

Seriously, I am hyped about the tessellation advantage it has over ATI. With the tessellation system in the card being fully programmable by design I think we are going to be seeing this used quite a bit as it is such an easy way for devs to get very high poly scenes out of low poly designs.
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