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Default Re: Man, it is sooo hot.

Originally Posted by Slytat View Post

Apparently the 480 died at 2:15 of this video, unfortunately I don't sprechen, so maybe Slawter will be kind enough to tell us what is going on

Not sounding good at all.
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A little concerned with Nvidia on this one for sure. Doesnt it seem realistic that maybe Nvidia had to launch despite this issue so that they would at least have a product available to fight ATI ? I think they decided to launch, cross their fingers on this heat issue and hope for the best.

I cant imagine that they could afford to give Ati time for a refresh which you know is coming so they set it free as the lesser of two evils. The temps are way out of line. I can not see oem's even touching this thing ? Maybe the 470.

I am on board but only because my pc is in a room behind my big screen LCD and home theater setup with cables running through a conduit I made. I can crank huge fans to high rpms and not hear a thing. If I had to game at a desk I would have to pass and hope for a refresh that brings this blast furnace under control. We need to use this heat that is escaping dont you guys think ? Setup your system so that you can put your coffee near the rear of card to keep it warm ? We need a top 10 things your fermi can be used for other than gaming.

10. Place your winter gloves near the rear of the card 10 minutes before going outside in the winter. Run furmark and you will have toasty gloves in no time.
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