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Default MikeC's Preview

I want to be clear that this post is not directed towards anyone in particular at all. I've not even read every post in this thread and my comments are therefore not specifically as a result of anything in this thread...

I just had the luxury of taking a sneak peek at Mike's 5950Ultra Preview article. For those of you that form your opinions from either extreme...after you read Mike's preview I think you'll realize that balance (as with most everything else in life) outweighs extremes. Mike takes a very unbiased, lucid and professional approach that I'm sure everyone will appreciate and learn from.

Personally, I would like to see more of us (readers, posters, reviewers, lurkers, etc, etc) take a more objectionable perspective on things. The whole "fanboy" syndrome escapes me as to its relevance and ultimate goal. I mean, to what end do those of you that praise or damn one company or another strive for? Both have their faults and successes. Both are very successful, innovative and contributory companies in this industry. Much like AMD and Intel, without the presence of one we'd all probably just now be trotting along on our top of the line 800MHz machines with DirectX 7 smoking video cards.

Lately I've just really tried to grasp the rationale behind many of the obviously emotionally driven statements that can be found in any forum of this nature. Is it attributed to simple immaturity? Is it people just enjoying a good pi$$ing match for the fun of it in spite of themselves and their actual better knowledge than is exhibited? Is it some sort of sense of belonging to something such as professional baseball or football team?

I dunno, perhaps this is just me venting. I could ask myself the same question..."to what end am I shooting for here"'s not like I'm going to make any difference or change anyone's mind/behavior. I just have this dreamy vision of what I'd like to see in the forums and I know it'll never come to, in conclusion, just ignore me.

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