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LOL@CainSyris. Dude, take a valium.

And yes, I consider both the opticals I use routinely to be better than the ball mice I've owned. (Those being namely, the same ambidextrous Intellimoose 5 button that Cain mentioned, as well as my newer Dual Optical). The drivers for Logitech do usually, as I mentioned, cause some headaches until you've figured out the proper installation and settings that THIS particular install wants from the same version driver on the same version OS with the same software. Other than that (or once you manage to experiment your way past that), it's great.

BTW, whether you liked that article or not (it IS personal opinion, , after all. The feel of the mouse is guaranteed to be), I found out something new from it. Two actually. The first is that the new MX mice are at least on par with my Dual Optical (and despite what CainSyris thinks, it's an excellent mouse if you don't need to plug the blender into it), also supporting extra buttons (more is better in most online FPS, especially the way I bind my weapons. I like to 'group' my weapons in UT, so that I can pick weapons from each group more easily on the fly, and since I don't use the standard WASD keys, but instead use the arrows, the mouse buttons are more convenient, leaving me to use the kb for movement things mostly). The more bindable buttons, the more specific my groups can be. For instance, I have instant hit weapons on one button, area damage weapons on another, scroll up gets me a certain mix of instant hit, scroll down gets a different mix, and I still get alt-fire on the right button and primary fire on the main button. With a few additional buttons I'll probably have close-in weapons (instant hit and area), as well as mid-long range weapons on the additional buttons.

The second thing the article alerted me to was that Logitech has newer drivers out than I've been using. I downloaded them and installed them, and Eureka. They seem to have fixed my issues with the scrollwheel in games completely. Since I haven't had the need to reinstall WinXPPro lately, I don't know if they're gonna be as quirky from install-to-install as the prior driver revisions though, and that's the only reason I leave my qualifier about the drivers and getting different results on each install in my posts (like above).
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