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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by NuBee View Post
Sorry, at first I didn't understand what you said and didn't really saw the screenshot. Are the trees just taller? It's hard to say only from a still shot. I wouldn't mind to test them, when you tell me what autogen you use with it, and how to repair that when I don't like it. So I'm open for it.
He-he well, I was still thinking the trees are too big - I'll have to park next to some conifers and see.

musman - that’s pretty big for a single product, bigger than my FSX folder with FTX and AC's - excluding my separate photoscenery - which is currently 44gb [total FSX drive used is 118gb] - considering how big it is, X Plane should look amazing, but I've yet to see anything wow me... be nice to see some screens though

Any thoughts on orbx's plans - extending out from PNW, other regions and their aircraft? - I must say it all sounds good to me. The little glimpse of their vc looks encouraging, the gauges look very good.
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