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Post WeeklyTube Issue 29: PhysX video overview

Metro 2033 GPU/CPU PhysX fog Comparison by protowiz

Performance comparison for Advanced PhysX effects running on single GTX 260 GPU and C2Q 9550 CPU. Particle smoke from grenade explosions is demanding effect, so fps hit is noticable.

pXent Pro and 3DGS ' Cloth Physx and Tearing by quadraxas

Video from new pXent PhysX wrapper demo. Includes two types of cloth simulation ' large tearable banner and thin clothing on animated character.

PhysX: Soft body VS. rigid body cables by Ambakapu

Performance comparison of rigid-body and soft-body implementation of cable physics simulation.

OgrePhysX tryout by sirjinx29

Simple rigid body physics using OgrePhysX wrapper.

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