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Default Ubuntu 10.04

Anyone tried out the beta yet? Thanks to zoomy renewing my interest in Linux, I downloaded and installed it on my netbook and my gaming rig (on a spare hard drive). I thought 9.10 was a crappy version as it seemed if nothing was upgraded from 9.04, just the basic doodoo brown theme.

However, I am shocked at how much works right out of the box with 10.04. I get a 27 second boot time on my netbook, everything is pretty darn speedy, the new theme is pretty decent, there is iPod Touch/iPhone support with Rhythmbox, Empathy is worth 2 cents now, Flash is easy to install and I have no hardware issues.

On my gaming rig, I did try to do some gaming with it via Steam and it was a little bit of a disaster. But hey, WINE and others like it still aren't up to par on DX9 so that's pretty disappointing. What did amaze me is that my Razer AC-1 sound card worked right out of the box!

Anybody else using it? I think this release will be a nice big step for Ubuntu IMO. Once the gaming situation can get taken care of, I may just have to start using Linux full time.
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