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Default Re: Aussie prices :O

New flagship graphics cards are normally about that price on release. I paid $900 for my x800pro, about $800 for my 8800GTX.

It is much more expensive than America. The main reason, it would seem, is that the Australian dollar was historically worth 60-70 US cents for a very long time. In the last few years, the Australian dollar is worth over 90 US cents, but retails have kept their prices the same, taking increased profits.

It's changing a bit now. Companies like MSi, Sparkle, Palit etc will hit the market with significantly lower prices. Once everyone gets there products into the Australian market you will see a big price range for what is essentially the same product. It's not uncommon to see a flagship card by Asus selling for $1000 right next to an MSi product, on the same retailer's price list, seeling for $650.

Minimum wage for an adult, working a 38-40 hour week would be about $450 after tax I think these days.
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