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Default Re: Blu-ray Final 3D Specification

Monsters Vs. Aliens and 2 pair of 3D glasses came with the packaged deal buying the Samsung 3D TV & 3D Blu-ray player combo.

I'd have to say the ONLY thing disappointing to me is that with this 3D technology, things don't come OUT at you in 3D. It's all about seeing into the screen. The depth. Which is cool but I'd like to have both

The TV converts EVERYTHING into 3D. I was watching news, sports, etc. in 3D. The 3D quality is definitely better on Blu-ray discs specifically made for this 3D technology though.

I even hooked the PC up to it and it converts games into 3D. I was playing TF2 & ZP in 3D. The depth isn't as deep as the NVIDIA 3D Vision but it was still reasonably impressive.

I now have my mini-IMAX 3D setup at home Very happy.
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